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3.1 Basic usage

The start of every operation with a medium is the search after that medium. This process is choosen, to prevent you from inserting the same medium several times, because normaly you should have found the already inserted one, before you be able to insert it again. The second advantage of this process is the integration of external sources (like Amazon), which you can use to insert new media.

To actually do the search, the search widget is used (s. fig. 3.1). This widget is at the left side after first start. This window is a dock widget like many other widgets from Meganizer. Therefore you can move, close, resize this widgets as you like. If you have closed a widget which you want to use later on, you can show it again with a click on the corresponding entry at the View menu. Meganizer saves the widget layout and sizes at all exits and restores the layout at the next start. This way you have your prefered layout, but closed widgets does not appear automatically again after a restart.

\includegraphics[width=\textwidth ]{latex/images/guistart_de.png}

Figure 3.1: Application user interface after the start

If you have problems to associate the icons with correct actions at the beginning, you can turn the corresponding text at the settings dialog. Afterwards the text is shown below the icons. The settings dialog can be reached via the Settings entry at Edit menu.