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4.4 Handling of virtual Media

Virtual media are understood in Meganizer as media, which are stored at the database, but not physical present. For example your wishes are virtual media, because you know the medium, but you don’t have it at your bookshelf. Also present ideas for others or literature can be virtual media.

4.4.1 Wishes

In Meganizer wishes are meant as media, which a owner wants to have. For example, if you want to present someone with a new book, the book is a gift idea and not your wish. So wishs are owned by the one who have the wish and may have the medium some time later on.

You can mark a medium as wish by activating the checkbox after Wish at the Owner Details tab at the details window of the medium. If you want to see all your wishes (or the wishes of something else), start a search and select Wishs as Status. To export this list, follow the instructions at 4.1.2.

4.4.2 Gift ideas

You can also store your gift ideas into Meganizer. To do so, make sure, that the person you want to give the present is already into the database. Therefore click on User at File menu to open the user dialog. If the user is not listed, create a new user. But be aware to left the user name free, if the user does not use the database. Otherwise you won’t be able to handle the loaned media from this person at Meganizer.

If the user is present, add the medium to the database. Afterwards go to the detail window of it and choose Other (s. Fig. 4.3). On the right side you can select the user you want to make a present and add it to the presnetees by clicking on the arrow pointing to the left. Don’t you own the medium yourself, activate gift only to make it a virtual medium. To remove someone, select him and click on the button with the arrow pointing to the right.

\includegraphics[width=\textwidth ]{latex/images/details-present_de}

Figure 4.3: Marking medium as a gift idea

After giving the gift to the recipient, you can mark the medium as Already given. The advantage is, that Meganizer adds the recipient to the owners of the medium automatically. Further on, it removes you from the owner list, if you mark the medium as Gift only. Afterwards the recipient is not available as a recipient for this medium anymore. To mark an gift as given, click on the presentee at the tab Other from the detailswidget with the right mouse button and choose Already given from the context menu.

To view all your gift ideas, select Wishes and Gifts as Status and run the search. To export the list, follow the instructions at 4.1.2. By the way the gift ideas are not visible for the presentee.

4.4.3 Literature

Under literature we understand a medium, which is used at a project. A project can be something like a master thesis or an article or anything else, which you use other media for. To create a new project or change existing ones, click on Projects in File menu. This dialog behaves like the dialogs described in . If you want to find a specific project, type in some part of the name into the filter field. In the list below you can see the results immediatly (s. Fig. 4.4).

\includegraphics[width=\textwidth ]{latex/images/projects-project_de}

Figure 4.4: Die Projektverwaltung in Meganizer

To create a new project, click on New on the bottom right or to edit an existing one, select it and click on Edit. Afterwards the right side of the window is enabled and you can type in at least the name of the project. The resulting media, can be a media from the local database. It can be set, if the project result in a new medium. After storing the new project, you can add and remove materials at the Materials tab. To add one click on the green plus and to remove one, select it and click on the red minus. You may enter a comment for each material (s. Fig. 4.5).

\includegraphics[width=\textwidth ]{latex/images/projects-medialist_de}

Figure 4.5: Für das Projekt verwendete Medien

If you doesn’t own the materials you are using at your projects, you can mark them as virtual media by activating the checkbox after Literature at the Owner Details tab of the details window.