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4.5 Buying Media

You can buy media directly out of Meganizer. Right now you can use Amazon as a dealer. Out of Meganizer you can buy any media, which can be found at the local or any external sources. If you found the medium you want to buy, select it and choose Buy from the context menu or the toolbar. After that your shopping cart appears on the right side as shown in fig. 4.6. Their you can see, what media you selected to and how much for which price. Also the small icon on the bottom right of each medium shows you, which seller is selected. Further on, the color of the medium is used to show the state. Red means, that no offer is found. Orange shows, that offers are found, but not as much items as you want. If everything is ok, the box appears in green. If the background is dotted, you can see, that it is an second hand offer. Which offers are allowed, can be setup at the settingsdialog of each searchprovider. Per default only new products von original sellers are choosen (e.g.: At Amazon per default, market place sellers are ignored).


Figure 4.6: The Shoppingcart

To increase the amount of an item, select it and klick on + or use the context menu. To decrease it, you can also use the context menu or press -. With Del-Key you can remove it. At the context menu, you can also choose the shop and the used offer off the choosen shop. In auto Mode Meganizer tries to buy the items as cheap as possible. But also tries to take the shipping costs into account.

If you configured your shopping cart as you want, you can proceed with a click on Buy. Then Meganizer creates all needed shopping carts at the sellers and redirect you one after the other to the filled shopping cart of the seller. After that, all media will be added to the database, if their not in already.